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Alanna's Wicked Awesome Journal

Actually....it's just ok.

3 February
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Um...hello :-D I'm alanna. I love God, music (especially indie rock), my friends (more than anything), my job, clothes, and movies. My heroes are Audrey Tautou, Audrey Hepburn, Kristin Chenoweth, and pretty much any photography artist. :-D If you want to chat, you know how to e-mail/instant message me.
acting, aim, atlanta, black and white film, british accents, broadway, camping, chattanooga, cheesecake, cheesesticks, cherry coke, chicken fingers, chocolate, church, clothes, coconut scented things, coolidge park, cuddling, dancing, dogs, downtown, drama, dressing up, europe, fashion, fireflies, fondue, foreign films, friends, frozen coffee, fruity drinks, gerbera daisies, gnomes, going barefoot, halloween costumes, instant messaging, internet, jesus, killing time, les miserables, lillies, little shop of horrors, looking at pictures, love, making movies, mckay's used books, mexican food, moulin rouge, movies, music, music in general, musical theatre, musicals, my cell phone, my puppies, my street, my vw bug, new clothes, new shampoo, new york, nice guys, pacific sunwear, paris, phantom of the opera, playing piano, queen, radiohead, rain, raspberry flavored things, rehearsals, rembrandt's, rent, riverbend, road trips, rocky horror picture show, rufus wainwright, shopping, showers with nine nozzles, singing, star gazing, sunny days, swing, swing dancing, taking pictures, tanning, the beatles, the fantasticks, the fox, the golden girls, the mall, the ocean, the smell of christmas, theatre, theatre people, thrift stores--especially plato's closet, tiffany's, tim curry, times square, updating my myspace, updating my webpage, valentine's day, vintage, vintage boutiques, vintage clothes, vinyl records, warm rain, watching movies, watching people dance, west side story, wicked, you