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It has been for-freaking-ever! I decided I should finally start updating this thing. I actually have been updating alot, just not on here. Most of you know that because you're my friend on myspace as well. Okay. So..first of all...Merry Christmas!
Sooo much has been happening lately....There's a couple of huge things that have to wait until the next update, but until then, I have successfully finished my first semester of college! I had been a Theatre major this semester, but I think I could do better in the visual arts department. I'm thinking photography. It's sort of an obsession with me right now hahaha.
Let's see what else. I really can't wait until tomorrow night. I'm going to Blake's "Carols for a Cure" concert at St. Lukes. I'm so excited. It's going to be awesome.
Friday night I went to the Rave with Victor and a bunch of his friends (his church had rented out the theatre) to see Chronicles of Narnia. It is soooooo good. I'm so proud of Disney for making it. The little girl Lucy is adorable. You should all go see it.
Anyway--I think that's all besides what has to wait until the next update LOL.

P.S.: Whaddya think of my new icon? It's by a German artist named Loretta Lux.
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