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It's been a while...

heeey. Well I'm sittin' here in the computer lab, as per usual, and Richard is making a myspace!
Umm...anyway. What has happened lately? Melba and Phil came home last night, which means I'm back at the ol' Weaver abode. I like being home again, though. My parents and I went to the rave yesterday and saw "Million Dollar Baby". It was okay, but I didn't like the ending. Oh well. I thought Clint Eastwood rocked though. :-D
Wow- I just looked back at my journal to see the last time I updated it and it was WEDNESDAY! That's a long time! LOL.
Let's see then...since Wednesday...
Well Thursday and Friday were just normal days at school, nothing much happened. Friday I met Su and Blake afterschool at Durty Nelly's, which is always soooooo good. Can you tell I'm hungry? We talked and ate for about an hour, and then Blake and I went with Mom to the Yellow Submarine while Mom ate. We talked about how we're going to go through all Mom's old stuff that she has stashed away in my Pa's barbershop and keep the cool records,clothes and whatnot, then make it into a dance studio/workout room/craft place.
After we ate, Blake came over to Melba's house for a while and played with the puppy.
Saturday I just kind of hung out all day at home, then I went to work at 5:00. It wasn't too bad.
Yesterday I went to church with Nana and Pa, because my cousin Brandy was coming and she was bringing her daughter, Madison, along. After church we all went out to eat with Corey, Lance, and Matt.

Oh yeah, and I bought a Nicole Mullen CD.
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