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Let's get it started in 'HAH!'

Ok, is it pathetic that I actually felt guilty about not updating this thing? LOL!
So today was good..I gave my senior talk today! It was actually kinda fun, even though I was really nervous beforehand. Jake did *really* well on his! It was really sweet. Richard's "whisperings into the wind" thing came out today in the school newspaper! Wo0t! It's sooooo good, and very sweet. I might have to type it on here. :-)
Anyway. So I'm here at Melba's house, and Chanel (the yorkie) is pouncing on me for some reason, LOL.
So I got to leave school at lunch, and Dad, Mom, Nana and I went to eat at the Olive Garden. YUM!!! I *love* the Olive Garden.
After that, Mom and I just came home and she took a nap while I watched the first little bit of "Dead Man" starring none other than Johnny Depp!! (wo0t)
WHOA! Awesome! 'Let's Get it Started' just came on my yahoo launch radio. And runnin' runnin' runnin'...ANYWAY! "Ha!" Ok for real this time.
Church was really good tonight. Kelly Eblin taught the girl's class, which always makes for an interesting lesson. :-) My Mom is choreographing (sp?) some dancing for "How to succeed.." tomorrow at school. Fun! Anyway. I g2g to bed. See ya on el flip side!
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