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Happy Valentine's Day! I Love You!

So you ask me how my week went...yes you did. Yuh-huh! You did So!!! Listen, Whatev.

Friday after school, I went to Creative Images to get my hair cut. Seriously, I don't think there is anything more fun than getting a new 'do. After that, I rushed home and put on a dress before heading to my church's youth Valentine Banquet. It was sooo much fun! We played this hilarious game, and had delicious steak. I sat by Amber's friend Amanda. She is super cool, I just love her! Anyway. It was fun. After that, we just came home and I rented Benny and Joon which I haven't had time to watch yet.

Saturday I was at Ballon a'Fair from 10:00-3:00 helping Mom, Cindy and Jimmy with Balloons and whatnot. At 5:00 I went in to work and my mouth almost dropped when I saw how many customers were in the store. I could hardly walk to the back! Anyway. I digress. It was fun working again! The bad thing is, though, because of work I'm going to have to miss Hairspray with Blake! ::whines like a toddler::

Sunday was fun. Church was good--Mickey preached the sermon which is always interesting. Blake came! he had been so sick, but he came. After church he ate with my parents and me at the downtown Chili's. He then followed us to Balloon a'Fair where we walked around while Mom helped Cindy and Jimmy with orders. We made Patience a Valentine! After that, we walked around Frasier Avenue for a bit, and saw some cool stuff in All things groovy (like a flying pig shooter--I'm dead serious), and in New Moon we saw a poster for the Fantasticks at UTC this Friday. We're planning on going to it in place of Hairspray. Fun!

School again, school again. I was uber tired this morning. Nothing exciting really happened today, except for the fact that general "Valentine's Day" merriment was in the air! I gave Richard and Tori these cute little crushable wax fortune hearts. We also got to read love poems today in English. Here was mine:
When I get old and losing my hair,
Many years from now
Will you still be sending me the Valentine,
Birthday greetings, bottle of wine

If I stay out till quarter to three
Wold you lock the door
Will you still need me, will you still feed me
When I'm sixty-four.

You'll be older too,
And if you say the word I could stay with you.

I could be handy mending a fuse
When your lights have gone
You can knit a sweater by the fireside
Sunday morning go for a ride

Doing the garden, digging the weeds,
Who could ask for more
Will you still need me, will you still feed me
When I'm sixty-four.

Every summer we can rent a cottage in the Isle of Wight,
if it's not too dear
We shall scrimp and save
Grandchildren on your knee
Vera, Chuck & Dave

Send me a postcard, drop me a line
Stating point of view
Indicate precisely what you mean to say
Yours sincerely, wasting away

Give me your answer, fill in a form,
Mine for evermore,
Will you still need me, will you still feed me
When I'm sixty-four.

Cute, isn't it? It's by Paul McCartney.
So tonight I went to voice lessons, which was really fun. Turns out Sarah Spangler is taking from Ms. Gouge, too! How fun! She might be in the recital March 12th (It's at 2:00, you know you want to come hear us sing!). Then I just came home and made a little scrapbook thingie. Now I'm here! Ugh. But I'm having a bit of trouble. I think I may like someone, but it fluctuates from day to day. Not much, but it does. Any comments?
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