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Guilty as charged: painting in the first degree

So today has been okay, I guess. I flunked a Chemistry quiz. wo0t. ::le sigh:: Anyway. So today was 80's day, and everyone was dressed up. I think my favorite outfit has to be Mary's. It's this green skirt with ducks painted on it! It's so pretty. Richard let me borrow "Donnie Darko", with Jake Gyllenhaal. Should be good. I'm excited about watching it. So...lunch was lunch. I wish I could have eaten with the seniors, but oh no! I had to go to "Why Know" (for those of you who don't know, "Why Know" is a sex education program which promoates abstinence). (Not only could I not go with the seniors, but I didn't have anywhere to go but the computer lab because they were all gone-- so I went to go paint, then Mr. Pierce kicks us out! grrr...) Oh well. I wish I had more classes with Elyse Newland. Random thought. I think I'm going to go by Applebee's after school, If I can, to see if David's working. That'll be fun! Then I'll see if I can go to America's Thrift Store to look for something with a team logo on it. Thursday is "team day" at school, and I don't own anything like that whatsoever. LOL.
So what's up with no one updating their journals anymore? Or commenting for that matter? It's depressing! Oh for Pete's sake.
I am soooooo looking forward to the end of this week!
Thursday-- My birthday (team day @ school) and Shopping!
Friday-- Homecoming Court / Lesy might spend the night / Half Day / Shogun after school
Saturday-- Little Shop of Horrors!
Oh, yeah. I didn't write last night, did I? So I went to voice lessons, and now Ms. Gouge might want me to sing "I only have eyes for you" from 42nd street. Anyway. g2g.
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